What are the benefits of joining STC Alberta?

  • Ready-made Network of Peers – Members get plenty of opportunities throughout the year to network with other members in both casual and formal events. From social events such as pub nights, to training sessions such as program nights, the chance to bounce ideas off one another, learn about job opportunities, and hear about project shortcuts, new software or tools is especially valuable. Visit our Event Calendar for a list of upcoming events.
  • Exclusive Access to Jobs Database – Only members are able to see the job listings posted by employers through STC Alberta’s JobLink. Members also receive e-mail notification when a new job is posted. In addition to the local JobLink, hundreds of job listings are also available on the main STC website’s Career Center where online listings are searchable by geographic area and salary range.
  • Volunteer Opportunities – Become involved as much as your interest allows and develop your knowledge and skills through an elected executive or appointed position. Boost your resume and personal profile within your peer community. Read about our current Volunteer Opportunities.
  • Chapter Membership – In addition to the local JobLink, members are connected to peers at the local Chapter meetings, seminars, and social events. Members get access to STC Alberta Partner events at discounted rates. STC Alberta also has two Email Lists that all members are subscribed to and we publish a bimonthly newsletter.
  • SIG Membership – STC has 22 special interest groups (SIGS) organized by type of work performed and the classification of employment. Membership in one SIG is included with dues, however many members choose more than one SIG for a small additional charge.
  • Chapter Newsletter and Subscription to STC Publications – Members receive the Chapter’s bimonthly online newsletter, SuperScript which has articles from local members, a message from the president, and information on upcoming events. In addition to the Chapter newsletter, there are also subscriptions to STC’s monthly magazine, quarterly journal, and online newsletter to stay on top of Society activities. Intercom offers a broad range of articles for the professional. Topics cover writing and editing, tips for consultants, tools of the trade, new products, and unusual job profiles. Technical Communication is a peer-reviewed journal with papers based on research findings advancing the Body of Knowledge. STC’s Notebook, the global weekly online newsletter, offers bite-sized updates on what’s happening within STC, as well as industry news.
  • Continuing Education – STC Alberta offers monthly Evening Programs on various industry topics and New Heights, an annual high profile day-long seminar presented by a recognized leader in our industry. STC also develops targeted 90-minute, single-topic Webinars where participants listen to the presenter over the phone while viewing presentation materials via the Website. Members get better pricing and are offered early bird registration rates to attend the Technical Communication Summit (often saving as much as $300 to $500 over non-members). STC gives members preferred pricing on all products.
  • Salary Guide – STC Alberta conducts an annual salary survey collecting and publishing geographically relevant salary information for employees and contractors. The global STC Salary Database is also available to members and is based on the latest information from the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Statistics survey of technical writers among 1.25 million US business establishments. Canada will soon have its own salary guide measuring the salaries of Canadian STC members across the various sectors that we work in.
  • Social Media As an organization of tech savvy professionals, it’s important for us to explore new technologies and trends. Given its impact on business and communication, it makes sense for us to get on board. You can find us on Twitter @STCAlberta, and we’re on LinkedIn with a group profile called STC Alberta. Gone are the days where you can only email us; you have access to each volunteer, you can connect with us on LinkedIn, follow us on Twitter, get an RSS feed to deliver information right to you, and through it all, you can still snail-mail us, too.
  • Exclusive Discounts on Products Vendors, such as MadCap Software and ComponentOne, are among the corporations that offer discounts on products only to STC members. Discounts are typically 10 to 15 percent. The savings for members taking advantage of the discounts can be hundreds of dollars, much more than the cost of STC dues. Check out our Member Discounts.
  • Access to Best Practices Research – STC members receive a one-year complimentary access (a $995 value) to more than 5,500 research documents in Best-in-Class enterprises with hundreds of benchmark and best practices reports in areas such as: business value research analysis, research briefs, market perspectives, and key performance indicators. STC has partnered with Aberdeen Group, a leading, fact-based, market research firm, to bring you exclusive access to the latest Aberdeen analysis, market-moving news, and vertical insights.
  • An STC Membership looks great on your resume and your involvement contributes to the development of our profession.

Additional Student Benefits

  • Scholarships – The Alberta Chapter funds Scholarship Programs at Mount Royal University in Calgary and Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton.
  • Community Involvement – Students can access resources and volunteer opportunities, and be recognized within the technical communicator community.

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