The STC offers Web seminars or “Webinars” as a way for technical communicators to further their education and expand their skill sets. In a Webinar, participants listen to the presenter over the phone (much like a conference call) while viewing presentation materials via the website. This format provides easier access to materials for reference during the presentation, as well as a more intimate, “classroom” setting than the typical telephone seminar.

Registrants are provided a toll-free number, a secure URL, and access to both the audio and online elements of the presentation. Benefits: no travel time, pay per site (not per person), and train without leaving the office. Visit STC.org’s Webinar Calendar for the latest Webinar dates.

Hosting a Webinar

To host a local Webinar in Alberta, we need a location: a board room or training room that can hold at least 15 people and has a speaker phone, computer with internet access, and projector. We must be able to book the room in advance. To run a Webinar in Calgary, at least six attendees are required. To run a Webinar in Edmonton (or other city), at least three attendees are required.

Can You Host a Webinar?

If you have a location available to host an upcoming Webinar, send a message to programs@stc-alberta.org and we will help set it up for you. STC Alberta will pay for the cost of the Webinar and provide the host with complimentary admission for two to the Webinar. After we have found a location, we will advertise the day and location on the STC Alberta e-mail list.

Webinar Fees

  • STC Alberta Student Members: $5
  • STC Alberta Members, Affiliates, and Non-Member Students: $10
  • Other STC Members: $15*
  • Non-Members: $20

*Other STC Members include those STC members that do not belong to the STC Alberta Community.