The February Edition of SuperScript is Now Available

Hello everyone! The latest edition of SuperScript is now available. In this issue:

  • Mitch Willis, the new chapter president, discuss his goals and expectations about the role.
  • Jessie Channey, who has stepped down from the president role after years of commitment and many accomplishments, talks about her new role as the past-president with the chapter.
  • Jeanne, our senior STC Alberta member, shares advice and tips for the current economic trend.
  • Deanne Wilson, the Edmonton director, has stepped down from the role. It is now open and and the chapter is looking for the next director.
  • The next two events for the chapter are outlined. First, there will be a wine and cheese on March 27, which will focus on networking, portfolios, and interview skills. Second, the Flare user group will be held on April 7.
  • Mitch Willis, the Twitter manager, requests the membership reconnect with chapter’s Twitter feed. Following @STCAlberta is an easy way to keep up with the latest trends in technical communications.
  • The STC Alberta Newsletter Award has been announced. Read more about the winner and the winning article here.
  • The deadline for the next SuperScript article is announced for April 10. Get your article published!

Comments welcome to the Newsletter Editor.