Dissolution of the Chapter

Earlier this month, we held a special resolution to decide the future of the Alberta Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication. Twenty-nine members (76% of the total membership) submitted ballots. Twenty-six voted in favor of dissolving the chapter. Three voted against dissolving the chapter.

We have informed the Society for Technical Communication of the results of the special resolution, and a motion to dissolve the chapter will be presented at the next meeting of the STC board of directors. After the STC board of directors approves the dissolution, we will shut down all chapter operations, return any remaining funds in the chapter’s bank account to STC and inform the provincial government of the decision to dissolve the chapter. Our plan is to complete all this work before the end of 2020.

Thank you to all members of STC Alberta who participated in the special resolution and to everyone who has supported our chapter over the years. This was a difficult decision for everyone involved, but we believe it is the correct one for the broader technical communication community in Alberta.