To recognize academic excellence and encourage student involvement in our community, STC Alberta began an award system for students in Mount Royal University’s Bachelor of Applied Communications in Technical Writing (now Technical Communication) program in 1997. The system awarded student memberships in STC to the students with the highest GPAs in their respective years of the program. Read more about our Past Recipients.

In 1998, STC Alberta decided to expand our support through the creation of a scholarship for a student in the second year of the program. We voted to donate $3,000 to create an endowment fund to operate the scholarship, and applied for and were successfully awarded $3,000 in matching funds from STC. (That matching-fund program no longer exists.) The first scholarship was awarded in February 1999. The award criteria are a combination of academic achievement and demonstrated leadership qualities.

For many years, STC Alberta provided small thank-you gifts to volunteers at our AGM. In 2001, the Administrative Council revisited this practice. Our volunteers made it very clear that they did not contribute to our community to obtain thank-you gifts and generously voted to redirect funds toward increasing the endowment of the Scholarship at Mount Royal. The Administrative Council set an annual contribution of $1,000. That endowment now amounts to almost $10,000. Only net investment returns are used to pay the scholarship, not the principal, and so the endowment generates an annual award that varies, but is always less than $500.

In 2004, the Administrative Council voted to create awards for the Bachelor of Applied Communication in Professional Writing program at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton comparable to those offered to Mount Royal. The first awards were presented, amid fanfare and excitement, at a celebration in February 2005.

Finally, in 2005, STC Alberta decided to create a second scholarship for a Grant MacEwan student. The award amount for this scholarship ($500) is identical to that of the Mount Royal scholarship, and the criteria are similar.

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