The vitality of STC Alberta depends on the valuable contributions from our well-qualified volunteer team. Why volunteer?

  • Develop or improve skills that you might not have the opportunity to use at your current job. Examples include leadership, project management, financial management, creative writing, digital photography, CMS, and HTML/CSS. All are valuable additions to a technical communicator’s resume!
  • Expand your network of technical communication professionals. Many of us work as lone writers – networking with fellow technical communicators improves your skills and can help identify future opportunities for your career.
  • Commit to STC Alberta’s future. Our chapter’s ongoing strength, vitality, and contribution to the technical communication industry depends on new volunteers coming on board each year.
  • Join an award-winning team! There’s nothing better than working with a successful chapter. We’ve got experienced people, outlined processes to make your job quick and easy, and a good momentum that makes volunteering more time-effective than ever before.

The Chapter Council is made up of elected (Executive) and appointed (Administrative) positions. Below is a summary of all positions and a brief description of their role in STC Alberta. We also have full job descriptions available upon request.

See the list of current vacancies.

Elected Positions

Each year, we elect the Executive members of council. Nominations for these positions are accepted during the nomination period each November with an election held at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in January. The new year’s council is introduced during the AGM. Members nominated for elected positions must have full member status. An overview of the Executive positions is as follows:

  • President – The President supervises the affairs of the Alberta Chapter and the Administrative Council, presides at general and administrative meetings, and receives the support of the Past President.
  • Secretary – The Secretary records the minutes of the administrative meetings. Our meetings are typically once a month with an occasional skipped month, a break during Christmas, and a break for Summer.
  • Treasurer – The Treasurer handles the organization’s finances and attends the administrative meetings to ensure bills and expenses are handled in a timely manner, and may attend other events to handle cash during registration.
  • Past President/Advisors – This position is automatically filled by the outgoing President, or by a group of past presidents.

To nominate someone or to volunteer for one of the positions, contact president@stc-alberta.org.

Appointed Positions

In addition to the elected positions, we are also looking for people to fill appointed positions. Below is a brief summary of these positions. We also have full job descriptions available upon request. Keep in mind that with the changes taking place in our organization, we are always open to new ideas and ways to organize responsibilities. If you have an idea for a new role, contact president@stc-alberta.org. Appointed positions can be filled by members, student members, and sometimes non-members depending upon the role.

  • Affiliates Manager – Help us expand our network by identifying and reaching out to other professional associations related to our industry. Use an established process to contact organizations and formalize a partnership.
  • Archivist – As the archivist, you collect, store (or arrange for the storage of), and maintain the STC Alberta archive, a collection of accurate records documenting our chapter’s activities. Our current archive is at the Glenbow Museum and deposits are made annually.
  • Communications – This position manages the chapter’s communication with all our external audiences. This work includes creating and editing promotional materials (about twice a year), working with other Council members to promote chapter services and activities, and includes collaborating with the Social Media Managers for maximum promotional exposure. Events are generally held every other month.
  • JobLink – The JobLink Manager is responsible for receiving job listings and posting them to the website as soon as possible. There is not a significant time commitment to this position, but the postings are time-sensitive, and need to be up on the website very soon after they are received. You’ll get the first glance at a new job and converse with employers using this service.
  • Membership – The Membership Manager maintains the organization’s membership and e-mail lists. The Membership Manager has an important role in welcoming new members into our chapter. While the database and lists are updated each month, there is lots of flexibility in fitting this into your schedule as you don’t need to attend monthly meetings.
  • New Heights – This role calls for members who are responsible for organizing a day-long professional development workshop. In this role, you identify, contact, and schedule a renowned expert to present our annual hands-on workshop at a venue of your choosing. This position will appeal to organized and self-motivated members who enjoy event planning, and want to have short-term involvement. Is there something you wanted to learn about, a certain speaker you wanted to get to know? If so, by planning the event, you get to attend it for free.
  • Events– This role requires a responsible member for organizing quarterly professional development events. The Events Manager identifies, contacts, and schedules speakers for one- to two-hour long evening presentations. This position will appeal to organized and self-motivated members who enjoy event planning. To make your job even easier, you can augment the programming schedule with numerous events organized by our affiliates. By planning the event, you get to attend it for free.
  • Events Assistant – Supporting the Events Manager, this role operates behind the scenes by gathering event information from the websites of our affiliates. Using a tracking document, data can be quickly collected and forwarded to the Events Manager who uses this to determine the event schedule. This role also assists in Edmonton event planning.
  • Registration – The Registration Manager is responsible for member registration at events and activities and for handling the hospitality aspect of the event. Prior to the Program, you will monitor attendance levels. Time commitment includes attending chapter events (every other month or less), and signing-in attendees before the start of the Program.
  • Salary Survey – Responsible for updating the existing salary survey design, analyzing the resulting data within prescribed parameters, and writing the final reports with the support of the President and past salary survey managers. Time commitment is about 4 months (1 month to review the current survey and set dates, 1 month to run the survey, 1 month to process results and update the report).
  • Salary Survey Assistant – Responsible for assisting the Salary Survey Manager with report preparation.
  • Social Media Managers – Twitter Manager: Uses the chapter’s Twitter account to tweet about chapter news and to retweet articles, or observations, on all aspects of Technical Communication. LinkedIn Manager: Keeps our LinkedIn profile updated and informative by reposting promotional emails and job information. Time commitment is based on chapter activities and promotions.
  • Special Events – This position is perfect to anyone looking to contribute on a short-term basis to help organize events such as a Pub Night, Wine & Cheese, Coffee Nights, and AGM.
  • SuperScript Newsletter Editor – Our SuperScript newsletter has evolved into a blog format which offers a more collaborative and flexible platform for the newsletter team. We are regularly looking for copyeditors and writers to join our team. As a member of the team, you will email the operating and administrative body of volunteers and ask them to submit news by a deadline. In addition to the President’s Message, there are events and social media articles, and members at large can submit articles. As an Editor, you have access to a copyediting team that will edit the articles to meet our Style Guide standards. Copyeditors review the newsletter and provide feedback to the Lead Editor with a quick turnaround time. The Editor posts the content on our WordPress website. It’s a WYSIWYG content management tool (looks great on your resume!) which already has a predefined CSS. Writers can pitch article ideas or the Lead Editor might assign topics. In particular, we are looking for writers to contribute “editing tips of the month” and to review STC events and programs. Involvement with the Newsletter Team can be short-term or long-term and is a great way to get involved behind the scenes. And since we’ve got a Newsletter team, that means there are others to share in the effort. Time commitment is to publish a quarterly newsletter.
  • University Liaisons – Liaisons from university programs sit on the Administrative Council. A liaison can be a faculty member or an involved student. The liaison’s role is to inform the Administrative Council of the news and events of their program and to encourage students enrolled in the program to participate in STC.
  • Webmaster/Team – Responsible for the content, design, and technical maintenance of STC Alberta’s website. Non-technical involvement includes editing web pages, which is a behind-the-scenes activity that is perfect for anyone looking to hone their editing skills while learning about online content management systems.

If you are interested in filling any role, sharing one of these roles with another member, or seeing the full job description, contact president@stc-alberta.org.

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