Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in being part of the award-winning team that runs STC Alberta? The time is now. As some of our volunteers are moving on, now is a great time to jump in and join us. We’ve had such high volunteer involvement in the past few years that we’ve been able to form teams for many of our roles, so join a team (see all positions here), or take on one of the following positions. As always, you’ll have full access to a knowledgeable and experienced council, and past volunteers to help you along the way! There are a variety of key positions to choose from, so take a look and contact the president directly for more information. We’ll put you in touch with the current volunteer in your selected role and provide a complete job description so you can fully explore the opportunity.

Events Manager – The Events Manager organizes the Alberta Chapter’s event schedule. These events include the social and networking events, such as the wine and cheese and pub nights and the twice-yearly coffee nights. The Events Manager will also organize and lead the various career development programs the Chapter offers to its memberships. In recent years, these workshops have been in Usability Testing, Usability Mapping, portfolios and job-search skills for technical communicators.

Events Assistant – Supporting the Events Manager, the Events Assistant operates behind the scenes by gathering event information from the websites of our affiliates. Using a tracking document, data can be quickly collected and forwarded to the Events Manager who uses this to determine the event schedule. This role also assists in Edmonton event planning.

JobLink Manager – The JobLink allows members to view job postings for employers looking for technical writers, editors, and other technical communication professionals. Most jobs on the JobLink are located in Alberta; however, this is not a requirement. The JobLink is a free service for both members and employers. It consistently rates as one of the most important benefits of membership when we poll our members. The JobLink manager’s responsibilities are to post confidential JobLink information, respond to employers once the posting is up, advise the president of the posting so he or she can email a notification to members, and keep track of who is posting and email them yearly as a reminder of our service.

Membership Manager – The membership manager is responsible for maintaining STC Alberta’s membership records and coordinating communication with members using our email list as requested by the president and other members of the Administrative Council. As a membership manager, you’re the first know what’s going on with our membership numbers. Although this is a key operational role, it’s one of the few that can be done behind the scenes. You can email reports to the president once a month, submit a list of new members to the newsletter, and all without having to attend meetings. The membership manager can access STC HQ’s Membership Managers for assistance

Registration – The Registration Manager is responsible for member registration at events and activities and for handling the hospitality aspect of the event. Prior to the event, the Registration Manager will monitor attendance levels. Time commitment includes attending Chapter events (every other month or less), and signing-in attendees before the start of the event.

Social-Media Managers – In addition to having a professional-grade website, adding a social media component rounds out our online offering. Both LinkedIn and Twitter are open to members and non-members, but member benefits, such as JobLink and Salary Survey, remain only for our members. So whether local techcommers prefer emails, tweets, or postings, our chapter is able to reach out in numerous ways.

SuperScript Newsletter Editors – SuperScript Editors have access to a copyediting team that will edit the articles to meet our Style Guide standards. Copyeditors review the newsletter and provide feedback to the Lead Editor with a quick turnaround time. The Editor posts the content on our WordPress website. It’s a WYSIWYG content management tool that already has a predefined CSS. Involvement with the Newsletter Team can be short-term or long-term and is a great way to get involved behind the scenes. Time commitment is to publish a quarterly newsletter.

Contact president@stc-alberta.org for more information on any of these or other roles within the Alberta Chapter.

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